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75. Shocking the monkey

For the first race I used the Raceland coilovers which were ok but i know that i needed something better for the future upgrade to STi drivetrain. I chose the BC Racing BR Series coilovers based on advise from Rich art RA Worx. I hope they are everything he says they are. I trust him and that goes a long way with me. More on Rich later. The BC Racing coilovers are custom made. They asked me what type of racing I was doing and tailored the shocks to my car. I got GC upper mounts and tophats and STI lowers. Very easy to work with and quick turnaround.

BC Racing in the box. Tyro Racing. A rally racing team.

BC Racing and Brembo. Tyro Racing. A rally racing team.

The old setup Raceland coil overs. Tyro Racing. A rally racing team.