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74. So,how do I connect the throttle?

Converting to a STi drivetrain from a 2.5 RS means that you no longer have a throttle cable. The new system is “drive by wire” throttle. This means that I needed to buy a STi gas pedal. In working with Kevin at iWire I was informed about the change. I bought a used pedal assembly online and then bought the unique mounting plate from iWire. It is absolutely the perfect fit. It brings the gas and brake pedals closer together in order to make toe/heel braking and down shifting so much nicer. New pedal on the left and old on the right.

New STi pedal on left. Old 2.5 rs pedal on right.Tyro Racing. A rally racing team.

Before installing the new gas pedal and iWire mounting plate.  Tyro Racing. A rally racing team.