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73. What the heck! An air radiator??

The STi engine swap means adding turbo power into the equation. Along with that you will need an intercooler. There are many kinds of intercoolers and many places to put them. I opted for the Forester XT intercooler because of the ease of fitment under the 2.5 RS hood. No modifications were needed to make it fit in it’s OEM configuration. I also chose the forester intercooler because of the Blow off valve placement. There are as many blow off vales as there are grains of sand. I chose the original metal OEM valve. The STi intercooler is higher volume and i may need to go bigger and move to a front mount. For the time being, I am opting for the easy mount. We acquired an intercooler with some bent fins. After some patients and a whole bunch of time we were able to fix most of the damage. The fins on an intercooler are extremely fragile. It's like trying to straighten aluminum foil after it has been balled up. Delicate work to say the least. Be careful!!

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