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65. The process of the race.

The race itself is the easy part. It's all the other stuff leading up that takes the time. Here are a few of the steps. Travel. The car, parts, and crew have to get there. Because this is an international race, the process has an important step. Crossing the border. Truck, Trailer, Car and crew all have to have specific documents to enter an exit the countries. Passports, TIPs, Insurances, Licenses and Visas all need to be in order. All names on all documents must match exactly. If your name is James and you have one document that says Jim you will be sent to a different office to explain and must get a hand written document stamped and dated and then go back and try again. I know because it happened to me. 90 minutes to get in to the country and we felt like heroes. One race team spent two days. They made it but were rushed in getting ready for qualifying. Be prepared! Allow an extra day at least.