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59. What sunroof?

Why would you ever remove a sunroof? When building a racecar the last thing you need is a sunroof. That being said, here is how we got rid of it.

1) I used foam to fill the gap between the roof and the sunroof panel.

sunroof removal. Tyro Racing a racing team.

2) Apply Bondo with fiberglass around the opening.

Apply Bondo. Tyro Racing a racing team.

3) Let it set up about 30 min. Then sand it down till its smooth.

sand till smooth. Tyro Racing a racing team.

4) Let it sit overnight to harden.

let it harden overnight. Tyro Racing a racing team.

5) Go over the surface with a super thin layer of Bondo glaze. This fills in even the smallest imperfections. Let it sit for 20 min and sand with 400 grit paper. I did this 3 times before I got it like glass. This is the finished product. Primer is next and then a wrap to finish it off.

fill small holes with Bondo glaze. Tyro Racing a racing team.