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44. Tools to make it easier?

In my last post I showed the finished hole where the drivers rear window used to be. What did I use to get it out? Several tools worked and one didn't do anything for me. The nylon pry tools worked brilliantly to remove molding and trim pieces.

Molding removal tools. Tyro Racing a Race team.

I bought these at Harbor Freight for about $10usd. Worth every penny. Buy these if you plan on window removal.

Window removal tool. Tyro Racing a Race team.

This is the real deal. Bought also at Harbor Freight for $16USD. Long spike is to pierce the seal and drive the wire through. Attach handles on inside and outside (this is why you need two people). Keep massive amounts of tension on the wire and it will slowly but steadily slice around like a razor. Worked very well. Broke the wire twice but no big deal. Highly recommend!

Window removal tool. Tyro Racing a Race team.

I also bought this for about $15USD. Didn't do the trick. got nowhere with it. I will try it again on the windshield. Not impressed but saw other use it and thought it was worth a try. I fully admit I might be doing it wrong. Lost interest and used the wire.