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13. The final push to Phoenix

Day 3 drive - I left Flagstaff at about 10am and made the downhill drive to Phoenix. This is one of my favorite drives. The 17 is always in great repair and I had very little traffic. I definately noticed the loss of power in Flagstaff. At 7000 feet the engine wasn’t too happy being starved for air. By the time I got to Phoenix the 2.5rs was at full power. As full as a car with 178,000 miles can have with two blown head gaskets but still had some power to give. I made it home and now the transformation begins.

AAA Logo on Tyro Racing a racing team

AAA membership is a godsend. My brother turned me on to it. He gave it to me as a Christmas present one year and we just keep renewing it. I have used it several times in the past years and it has paid for itself every year. A great safety net. Always have a safety net. Fortunately I didn't need to use it!!