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12. Feeling good and half way home

Day 2 drive - Got up early and headed out at 6:30am. Heading to Oklahoma City then picking up the 40 and its all West driving and racing the sun to the horizon. It seemed to take forever to get to Oklahoma City. I don’t think it actually did, but it just seemed to take a long time to turn from South to West. Once on the 40 I felt that if anything did happen I would just whip out the AAA card and get towed to safety. Always have the AAA as a safety net. I suppose I could have had a failure at any time and would be covered. I think I was ready to open up the car some more and was willing to take a chance on the 40 but not on the other highways. It was time to make some time. I always check the oil and water every stop and check the air when I stop for lunch. The 2.5rs needed a half a quart of oil yesterday and I figured it would drink the other half today. What surprised me most was that the radiator was full every time I checked it. I was taking it easy so I guess I just never got it hot enough for the thermostat to kick in. A long day of driving ended at 10 pm in Flagstaff, AZ. I realized that this was the perfect day to make this trip because I would pick up an hour as I crossed the time zone. As a bonus, today was daylight savings time! That’s another hour in the drive time bank. So, I was driving for two hours for free. The universe and I are friends.

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Holiday Inn Express is my go to in any city. Predictable quality and prices. Clean and most are pretty new. Always a good value for money.